The high performance herd sires at Hamdenvale Brahmans are the foundation of our program. View our herd sires below, or contact us to learn more about our Brahman herd sires.

JDH Sir Alamo Manso 126/7

Registration Number: JDH126/7M (View Pedigree)
DOB: 10/04/2004
JDH Sir Lawford Manso X  JDH Lady Vado Manso 751/5

PBF O'Hara Manso 811/7

Registration Number: FGB811/7M (View Pedigree)
DOB: 01/07/2006
JDH Westin Manso 80/1 X FBC F Lady Doris Manso 200FF

Mr. V8 473/6

Registration Number: V8R473/6M (View Pedigree)
DOB: 14/01/2007
  JDH Sir Avery Manso X Miss V8 827/4

Mr. V8 51/6

Registration Number: V8R51/6M (View Pedigree)
DOB: 20/12/2003
Mr V8 901/4 X Miss V8 98/6

JDH Duke De Manso 695/7

Registration Number: JDH695/7M (View Pedigree)
DOB: 18/01/2007
JDH Woodson De Manso 206/7 X JDH Lady Melzow Manso

JDH Hawk Manso 666/5

Registration Number: JDH666/5M (View Pedigree)
DOB: 27/09/2007
 JDH Saltillo Manso X  JDH Lady Manso 930/2

JDH Roma Manso 713/1

Registration Number: 892527 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 10/03/2010
JDH Mr Echo Manso 237/1 X JDH Lady Fisk Manso 442/1

JDH Summit Manso 941/1

Registration Number: 912299  (View Pedigree)
DOB:  21/03/2012
JDH Sir Tobe Manso X RWT Ms Alexo Rancho 432

FBC Impact Manso 821/1

Registration Number: FBC821/1M  (View Pedigree)
DOB:  16/03/2014
FBC D Mr Arnie Manso X FBC D Anne Dakota Manso 696D