At Hamdenvale Brahmans we have built our foundation around a strong herd of donor females. The donors listed below are only a few of our outstanding Brahman females. To learn more about our donors and our program, please contact us.

PBF Dolce Manso 175/9

Registration Number: FGB175/9F (View Pedigree)
DOB: 09/01/2009
  JDH Mosley Manso X PBF Sweet Timo Manso 746/6

Hamdenvale Maeve 546

Registration Number:  DJD546/0F (View Pedigree)
DOB: 28/08/2009
PBF O’Hara Manso X FBC Miss Sugarwise Manso 229

Hamdenvale Zariza 206/0

Registration Number: DJD206/0 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 15/08/2009
  JDH Karu Manso 800 X EL JA Sherri Manso

FBC F Lady Dory Manso 196FF

Registration Number: PBF196FF (View Pedigree)
DOB: 01/07/2000
JDH Datapack Manso X FBC Lady Dory Manso

Hamdenvale Indira 455/9

Registration Number: DJD455/9F (View Pedigree)
DOB: 24/06/2008
JDH Angelo Manso X  JDH Lady Juanita Manso

Miss V8 591/6

Registration Number: V8R591/6F (View Pedigree)
DOB: 01/11/2005
Mr V8 901/4 X Miss V8 14/6 +

Hamdenvale Shana 224/0

Registration Number: DJD224/0 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 03/11/2009
JDH Martin Manso X Hamdenvale Miss Riddel 263/7

PBF Lady Win Manso 208/8

Registration Number: FGB208/8 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 1/10/2007
JDH Churchill Manso X FBC  F Lady Doris Manso 200FF

PBF Miss Chekkers Manso 134/8

Registration Number: FGB134/8 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 09/11/2007
JDH Churchill Manso X FBC Lady Drake Manso