image004Our Aim
To breed genetically superior Australian Brahmans for our clients.

Hamdenvale Brahman Stud was commenced by the Deguara Family with a small number of Cherokee bloodline cows and a Burnside Bull in 1970. The Stud was run at the family property at Hamden near Marian in the Mackay district.  In 1976 this property was sold and the stud moved to Moorvale Station, Nebo where it was conducted for a couple of years before discontinuing production until the mid 1980’s.

David Deguara began rebuilding the stud using a small number of the original cows and purchasing bulls from the Savannah, Fernandez and Wilangi Studs to commence a herd bull breeding enterprise.  Over the years, bulls were sold at various sales around the Mackay and Rockhampton districts.

In 1997, the family decided to commence their own Invitation Bull Sale in partnership with Charlie and Jean Borg’s Fernandez Brahman Stud. In 2004, David and Joy Deguara and family purchased Daunia Station and the De Park Brahman Stud.  This stud had been predominantly linebred using only Cherokee bloodlines, making a very pure Australian Brahman Herd. In 2006, the decision was made to affiliate the two studs to now operate as Hamdenvale Brahmans.  All cattle from both herds will now carry the Hamdenvale Prefix.

Today David and Joy run about 400 stud cows with a selection of these used as Donor Females in their intense breeding program at “Simla”. The balance of the herd are bred naturally and with AI to Brahman Bulls, with a small proportion of the Stud cows bred to Charolais Bulls. The majority of the naturally bred Stud Cows run on the family’s home property “Moorvale” which is one of the commercial breeding properties run by Jarrod and Leanne Deguara.

We aim to breed bulls to meet the needs of both the Stud Breeder and the Commercial Cattleman, and Elite Females to enhance the quality of Australian Stud Brahman herds.

With Australia’s vast open spaces and the need for our commercial cattle to walk long distances in often harsh conditions, we aim to use the best International Genetics combined with proven Australian traits to breed a versatile animal well suited to Australian conditions.

Future Direction
David & Joy Deguara have elected to move the focus of their personal interest in the Brahman industry to predominantly Embryo and Invitro Fertilisation breeding using a select number of females carrying excellent genetics, with a particular focus on JD Hudgins and V8 Bloodlines.

The stud has extended its focus in the past couple of years to concentrate on breeding females with new genetics to offer the Australian Stud Breeder. This concept is supported by an annual Elite Female Sale.

The family has cattle in partnership in the United States and these animals help provide the future genetics for the stud. Embryos have also been purchased in the United States and bred in Australia to help improve our genetics.

David and Joy have travelled to most countries in the world where Brahmans are bred, searching for new genetics, they purchase exclusive semen rights in bulls they believe will enhance the quality of both their own herd and those of other Australian Stud Breeders and are always on the lookout for quality international genetics to help meet their breeding goals.