At Hamdenvale Brahmans we produce an outstanding string of show cattle each year. View our show cattle below, or contact us for more information.

Hamdenvale Brandi 1092

 Sire: JDH Roma Manso
Reserve Junior Champion - 2016 World Brahman Congress.

Hamdenvale Brandi

 Showing at the World Brahman Congress in May 2016.

Hamdenvale Randall

Registration Number:   DJD960/11 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 10.8.2012
Sire: PBF O’Hara Manso
Dam: Hamdenvale Miss Rachael 497/9

Hamdenvale Redford

Registration Number: DJD910/4 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 15.10.2013
Sire: PBF Lockhart Manso 534/5
Dam: Hamdenvale Jesse 492/9

Hamdenvale Clementine

Registration Number:  DJD1002/1 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 12.02.2014
Sire: PBF O’Hara Manso
Dam: PBF Miss Chekkers Manso 124/5
Reserve Calf Champion Female - 2015 Whitsunday
Champion Female of Show and Junior Champion Female - 2015 Pioneer Valley
Junior Champion Female - 2015 Clermont

Hamdenvale Paxton

Registration Number:   DJD891/31 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 1.10.2012
Sire: Akama Merton
Dam: Hamdenvale Mercedes 477/9
Senior Champion All Breeds Bulls - 2015 Whitsunday
Senior Champion, Grand Champion Bull, and Champion Exhibit of Show - 2015 Pioneer Valley
Senior Champion Bull and Grand Champion Bull - 2015 Mackay

Hamdenvale Joel

Registration Number:   DJD1031/4 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 3.1.2014
Sire: Akama Merton
Dam: Hamdenvale Belle 516/9
Calf Champion All Breeds, and Grand Champion Bull - 2015 Whitsunday
Junior Champion Bull - 2015 Pioneer Valley
Bull Calf Champion - 2015 Mackay

Hamdenvale Marian

Registration Number:  DJD930/66 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 24.9.2013
Sire: JDH Hawk Manso 666/5
Dam:  Savannah Missy Manso 84/2
Reserve Junior Champion Female - 2015 Whitsunday
Junior Champion Female - 2015 Clermont

Hamdenvale Gikita 1036/4

Registration Number:   DJD1036/4 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 2.10.2013
Sire: Akama Merton
Dam: Hamdenvale Miss Gikita 917
Junior Champion Female and Grand Champion Female - 2015 Mackay

Hamdenvale Jasmine

Registration Number:   DJD951/13 (View Pedigree)
DOB: 12.27.2013
Sire: JDH Roma Manso 713/1
Dam: Hamdenvale Jamila 464/9
Junior Champion Female - 2015 Marlborough
Calf Champion Female - 2015 Mackay
1st in Class - 2015 Beef Australia Expo